Мы верим в важность знания рынка, но ещё больше верим в ценность хороших, доверительных отношений с его участниками

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Why board services are vital to improving company performance

Why board services are vital to improving company performance , 12 августа 2022, 12:27 / Публикации

We all know that success isn’t easy. The only thing that’s harder, perhaps, is maintaining your position at the top once you’re there. And that’s as true for companies as it is for individuals. The fate of any company rests on human performance: individuals’ understanding of the business context, bright ideas and competitive strategies, the sense of what opportunities to pursue when, and the leadership and culture to bring the best out in everyone from the board on down. As AIMS International consultants, our role is to help client companies FIND&GROW their leaders. Board Services are for many of my colleagues and for me personally a particularly interesting focus area. Operating in over 50 countries as we do, we run into differing corporate governance codes and national regulations, as well as levels of development. We naturally take these differences into account and adjust our approach, but, at the same time, many challenges that businesses face are the same the world over. Governance and the interaction between owners, the CEO, non-executive and executive board members are always crucial for the success of companies, whether these functions are well developed or not.

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Business opportunities sprouting from Africa’s lush landscape

Business opportunities sprouting from Africa’s lush landscape , 12 августа 2022, 12:09 / Публикации

In the lush, large African plains and savannahs adorned by the heights of the Maluti mountains, stretched north by the Okavango delta and its wildlife inhabitants who roam up to the pride lands of the Masai Mara, up the Serengeti to the Nile, lies a vibrant, youthful, and booming economy that is over 1,4 billion opportunities. In one of AIMS International’s new webinar series titled eyeAfrica, specialist and expert in logistics and supply chain Mr Sylvain Kluba notes that the continent’s high population growth boasts a swelling middle class, with increased spending power and upgraded lifestyles. It is also encouraging for business that seven of the fastest growing economies are in Africa.

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Recruiting culture fit talent in Africa

Recruiting culture fit talent in Africa , 12 августа 2022, 11:47 / Публикации

Recruiting and onboarding the right culture fit employees for a business is a tough and delicate process. Human staff – unlike elements, machinery, and tools for trade, are not inanimate with universally fitted specifications – have personalities, ideas and varied levels of expertise that must be treated and compensated differently according to different outputs.

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