Мы верим в важность знания рынка, но ещё больше верим в ценность хороших, доверительных отношений с его участниками

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Singapore the gateway to Asia

Singapore the gateway to Asia , 30 января 2020, 11:19 / Публикации

One of the truly great features of AIMS International is the diversity and professionalism you find when engaging with our partners around the world. In our three regions – Americas, EMEA and APAC – we have appointed Executive Vice Presidents as Regional Heads to ensure a high level of collaboration. In Asia, AIMS International has offices in all of the important markets such as Singapore, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. We are working on a strengthened presence with the establishment of new offices in these major markets. Another office is opening in China in the near future. This time in Shenzhen to support our customers in Southern China. In this interview with the Regional Head for APAC, Jonathan Khoo from AIMS International Singapore. You will learn more about the business environment in Singapore as well as other parts of the APAC region.

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3 Keys to Manage Talent in times of constant change

3 Keys to Manage Talent in times of constant change , 27 января 2020, 10:12 / Публикации

It has become significantly more difficult to attract, manage and retain talent. So many factors in the contemporary world of business complicate organisational and human capital management. Nowadays, organisations must be at the forefront of the changing economic context, where a majority of managers and leaders coming from the “Baby Boomers” generation must motivate and manage the “Y” generation.

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AIMS International 2019 Highlights and 2020 Vision

AIMS International 2019 Highlights and 2020 Vision , 17 января 2020, 15:52 / Публикации

We just entered 2020 and commonly at the beginning of the year, this is a good time to reflect on the past, while also looking into the future.

Was 2019 a year of blood, sweat and tears? Was it a successful year filled with joy and achievements?

Admittedly, we had some challenges, however, we also achieved numerous goals! For AIMS International, 2019 has been a year filled with new developments and exciting changes. During this year we further developed our online media presence, launched our new website and continued growing our global presence. Let me highlight only a few of the many milestones reached during this year.

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