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Talent mapping is a proactive approach used to forecast long-term hiring needs and subsequently cultivate organisational support for new roles over time. Putting your organisation’s goals top of mind, it builds a competency map to achieve these goals by assessing the current skills in the business, identifying the gaps and recruit and / or develop the skills needed to close these gaps. This technique can appear straightforward, but as a business expands, it becomes more challenging to foresee its scaled hiring requirements. It calls for corporate leadership, HR specialists, and recruiters to all have a seat at the table.

An organisation may have an excellent internal talent acquisition team, perfectly capable of doing the talent mapping exercise themselves – however, there are times when it can be a much better idea to engage an executive search firm to manage such a project.

There are few reasons for this:

  1. Your internal talent acquisition team might not be excited to take on an exercise that won’t result in an immediate benefit even if it can be strategically beneficial in the long run. It might interfere with their current hiring objectives and, consequently, the performance metrics of their team members.
  2. Recruitment talent mapping can be complex. The majority of businesses find it challenging to attracting top talent, maintaining compliance while dealing with high employee turnover rates, and streamlining their hiring procedures, especially during phases such as the great resignation.
  3. Additionally, talent mapping demands devoted time and effort which comes at a cost and loss of commercial value. Talent mapping calls for dedicated, deliberate preparation and workable strategies.

The benefits of using an executive search firm:

  1. Stronger ability to hire top candidates from the marketplace. Executive Search consultants are in a better position to hire the best candidates in the market, including non-active job seekers.
  2. Streamlined hiring processes with the latest software and assessment tools. An executive search firm might have specialised tools to do this better whereas enterprises may be constrained by a legacy system. Overall, their processes are geared towards finding and screening the best candidates and matching skills with a particular role and environment in an unbiased and inclusive manner.
  3. Competitor intelligence. Businesses make significant investments in learning their competitors’ marketing tactics, operational procedures, etc. But when it comes to hiring methods, they overlook or rather undervalue the importance of conducting competitive studies. An executive recruiter can gather important data and assist you in identifying strengths that can be used as a counterbalance to the deficiencies of your competitors. This can greatly improve your employer brand.
  4. You can get a competitive edge on a worldwide scale by working with international executive search agencies like AIMS International with specialised global industry practices, where Consultants share industry knowledge across borders.
  5. Cross-pollination of skills. In many instances, skills and competencies can be effective when recruited across industries.   Consultants or teams who work in multiple industries understand how top talent from a different industry can make the difference between a great or average hire in a market where talent is scarce.

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AIMS INTERNATIONAL reinforces its troops around the European Defence and Security industry

AIMS INTERNATIONAL reinforces its troops around the European Defence and Security industry 06 december 2023, 11:27 / Publications

The “Defence and Security Industry” group, led from France by Nicolas J. Rogier, Managing Partner France (as part of the “Industry” GP led by Grégoire Depeursinge, Managing Partner Switzerland), aims to provide recruitment and talent management services to manufacturers in the sector. This group brings together 10 of our top consultants, all defence and security experts from several AIMS countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,  the UK), some of whom have themselves served in their respective armed forces.

The extremely tense geopolitical situation, particularly in Central Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean, has recently led to a renewed interest on the part of many European countries in their defence capabilities, and hence in the development of industrial capacities for the marketing of weapons systems, munitions, maintenance and logistics.

AIMS France will be a partner of the EUROSATORY exhibition in June 2024 as a participant in a series of conferences on the theme of “Recruitment and Retention of Talent”.

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AIMS International APAC Meeting in Vietnam: Exploring business opportunities and cultural exchange

AIMS International APAC Meeting in Vietnam: Exploring business opportunities and cultural exchange 06 december 2023, 11:26 / Publications

The APAC Meeting in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was a successful event that provided valuable insight through meaningful conversations with colleagues from around the region. Our Vietnamese hosts welcomed us and introduced us to the country’s culture, providing informative presentations on demographics as well as key growth sectors.

Dimitris Kleftakis, AIMS International President, introduced AIMS’ Global Strategic Framework, giving an overview of how it is being implemented across all regions. Jonathan Khoo from AIMS International Singapore led a lively and open conversation on strategy planning for APAC, resulting in a set of actionable plans to be executed across the region.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, the group discussed cross border business and how to do more within and across the region, including specific challenges and areas for improvement within each country.

The last day of the APAC Meeting featured engaging presentations and exciting discussions. Cecilia, EVP Americas and Global Marketing Head, shared the global marketing framework and the progress made, including the marketing partners involved and the roles of the internal marketing team. Enrico from AIMS International Vietnam shared his Pilot Assessment and Selection service, which has propelled his business in the aviation industry. 

One of the highlights of the day was a session by our guest speaker and client, Marcello Piazza, Managing Director at Jas Forwarding Worldwide Vietnam, who presented the company’s global business and impressive growth in Vietnam. Son Nguyen, the Country Manager from Swedish bag manufacturer Solent, shared his experience as a local hired by a major foreign-owned company and the company’s growth plans in Vietnam.

The event closed with Jonathan summarizing all the key areas that were discussed and the follow-up actions to be taken. The event was made memorable thanks to the warm reception of the hosts, the partners, consultants, and all attendees. It was a wonderful display of diversity within the AIMS International Family.

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