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Partnering to offer Automotive companies the best support to face current and future transformation challenges

Partnering to offer Automotive companies the best support to face current and future transformation challenges , 20 сентября 2022, 16:43 / Публикации

In a fast changing environment where digitalization, hybridization, electrification, consolidation and supply disruption, are some of the many challenges all players from the Automotive Industry are confronted with, it is vital for Automotive companies which do not want to be left behind to review products and services portfolio, fine tune or entirely redesign organizations and adjust or revolutionize their operating model.

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New workplace strategies need thought

New workplace strategies need thought , 02 сентября 2022, 12:36 / Публикации

Is it back to the office or stay at home? I’ve had a number of discussions with line managers and HR on this topic. Some companies have already reorganised their office spaces to reduce the number of workstations; many are waiting to see what comes next; and others not only expect to return to normal before long – but are actively working towards that goal. Demand for flexibility when it comes to physical presence at the office was building before COVID-19, so whether there are new variants or not, businesses should consider at least the following issues before making any big decisions.

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How developed is DEI in your organisation?

How developed is DEI in your organisation? , 12 августа 2022, 12:42 / Публикации

Today DEI is in the mindset of most dynamic organisations. Implementing a DEI program – DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion – has its challenges because the practice is so broad. The country’s environment, local culture, and statutory environment must also be considered as relevant factors. But the biggest challenge of DEI is not in implementing the policy in the company but in making it part of the culture, and engaging all its employees. A DEI program without a strong culture is like a body without a soul. Being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company impacts the workforce, workplace, communities, and the marketplace. It offers stimulating and challenging environments for its employees, improves creativity and innovation by incorporating people with diverse ideas, outlooks, and skills, and helps them respond more dynamically to market changes. At AIMS International, we approach DEI from eight different dimensions to help companies design their own strategy by promoting policies, initiatives, and concrete actions.

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