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AIMS International continues to grow. Meet our newest partners.

AIMS International continues to grow. Meet our newest partners. , 01 ноября 2022, 13:31 / Публикации

AIMS International is the world’s second largest global firm specialised in board services, executive search and talent management. With new partners in strategic locations, we listened closely to the market and responded accordingly, by making sure we can support our clients on a truly global level. Since 2020 we have expanded into 7 new countries and we aren’t stopping there. We invite you on a tour of the latest partnerships at AIMS International. 

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Navigating recruitment challenges in Asia-Pacific

Navigating recruitment challenges in Asia-Pacific , 03 октября 2022, 12:26 / Публикации

Even amidst all of the recent global disruptions, life went on. The world still turns, and we all know what makes it go around. Asia-Pacific has seen the sharpest increase in business activities in recent memory, and companies are eager to make up for lost time. Talent acquisition and retention in the post-pandemic era are the immediate challenge that they face, as I wrote last week. Companies not only need people back in jobs, but want them better skilled and prepared to take on a more volatile business environment. The pandemic proved that the unexpected does happen – and the companies that came out on top were the ones that were better prepared. Apart from the requisite skills required for the job, additional skills and professional knowledge that is adaptable to market developments and economic changes are important. So how might businesses get ahead of the competition in the race to secure this kind of talent? Well, before we get into the details of that, for many companies, a bit of damage control is of equal priority.

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AIMS International finds its Danish partner in Unique Human Capital

AIMS International finds its Danish partner in Unique Human Capital , 20 сентября 2022, 16:54 / Публикации

The world’s second largest global network of specialists in executive and board search and selection just got bigger. Businesses and other organisations face growing competition when it comes to attracting and recruiting the best people. That’s the case everywhere, Denmark included. It may be a relatively small country, but it is very well connected to the global economy and hosts a good number of highly internationalised corporations. “We are determined to offer the best possible service to our many globally oriented clients, and that meant that joining a truly international network of partners became a growing priority for us”, says Jørn Duhn, the CEO of Unique Human Capital – the new Danish representative of AIMS International. “It helps us when recruiting talent from other countries, but, at the same time, increasing numbers of foreign companies have shown keen interest in Danish talent and expertise in a range of industries. We want to help them more effectively too.”

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