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Our Unconscious Biases – Demons or Saviors

Our Unconscious Biases – Demons or Saviors , 27 ноября 2020, 15:06 / Публикации

Imagine that our minds are wired to function like most people walk through snow in heavy winter. If someone has beaten the first path from one end of a large space to the other, the likelihood is that the second person will follow these footsteps to save energy and reach his or her destination. It is true that sometimes the destination might be further away or that there is a shorter road – who cares, someone else did part of the job, why make a new path. Then a third person follows what is by now an almost well-established routine. And then it becomes a no-brainer for the fourth, fifth, etc.

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I thought I was the perfect candidate

I thought I was the perfect candidate , 27 ноября 2020, 14:58 / Публикации

… but I was told I am overqualified – now what?

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Grow your career with AIMS International

Grow your career with AIMS International , 27 ноября 2020, 14:56 / Публикации

AIMS International, one of the largest HR Consultancies worldwide, has officially launched a podcast series, hosted on Spreaker and available on the following platforms:

The first series will comprise 6 short episodes of Tips and Tricks for Candidates with short educational talks to ensure you are always at the top of your game as a professional or executive in the employment market.. We are launching Episodes 1-3 today, keep a lookout in the coming weeks as Episodes 4, 5 and 6 become available.


If you are not a podcast listener, you are missing out. For example, in the US, 40% of 35-54 year olds have listened to a podcast in the last month.

Connect to the platform of your choice and subscribe to AIMS International’s podcast channel where you may look forward to many more educational podcasts in the coming months where AIMS will interview knowledgeable industry experts and discuss sustainable employment practices. 

Written by Leonie Pentz and Gregoire Depeursinge

Narrated by Nicholas Archibald

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