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Online assessment centres (AC’s) have emerged as a game-changer. These digital platforms are revolutionising talent identification, offering efficiency and benefits for those striving towards greener HR’ targets. I recently conducted an online AC for Industrial Psychology interns in 2024, and the experience was not only highly effective, but the results were impressive. Key take always from this experience were:

  • Supreme efficiency: Online AC’s have streamlined the hiring process, as reported by 78% of HR executives in a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. This efficiency saves time and resources, eliminates logistical hassles, and simplifies the assessment process, making it convenient for both candidates and HR professionals.
  • Global talent pool: Online AC’s enable organisations to access talent from a global pool, expanding their reach. This is especially beneficial when geographical constraints would prevent candidates from attending in-person assessments. 
  • On point competency identification: Online AC’s make effective competency identification possible as the process supports objective and consistent evaluation. Customised assessments, data-driven insights, scalability for high-volume recruitment, reduced human bias, and the ability to track competency development over time make it a comprehensive tool for HR professionals.
  • Cost efficient: Reducing travel time and costs, there is an immediate cost benefit to your HR department.  When you work with a team of Consultants who are trained to identify and evaluate competencies on all job levels and across industries, your hiring decisions become more effective, saving money on bad hires and/or lengthy hiring processes.  Not to mention the value of an enhanced Employer brand when candidates have a fun and positive hiring experience. 

Online AC’s align perfectly with green HR practices, therefore it is an ideal hiring and development process for HR Professionals who are serious about driving greener HR practices: 

  • Carbon footprint reduction: Online AC’s significantly reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for candidate travel. This reduces flights, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions, moving you closer to your organisation’s sustainability targets. 
  • Paperless operations: Online AC’s operate in a paperless environment, reducing stationery use, waste, and energy consumption associated with printing.
  • Sustainable data storage: Online AC’s securely store digital results and candidate data in the cloud, reducing the energy-intensive maintenance associated with physical documents.

While online AC’s offer numerous benefits, there can be some drawbacks: 

  • Technical glitches: Investing in reliable technology, providing training for candidates, and having tech support on hand can mitigate technical risk.
  • Loss of personal interaction: The loss of personal interaction may be overcome to a large extent by structuring activities that promote interaction among participants, ensuring the observation of social skills and collaboration.
  • Security: To address security concerns, use advanced encryption and stringent data protection measures. Regular security audits ensure data safety.

In conclusion, using online AC’s for talent acquisition and development is efficient and eco-friendly. While there are minor drawbacks, the advantages far outweigh these concerns.  Contact Ashleigh Ball to discuss how your HR team can become part of the online revolution.