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AIMS INTERNATIONAL aligns its troops around the defence and security industry

AIMS INTERNATIONAL, a major player in executive search and talent management in the industry for 30 years, aligns its troops around the defence and security industry. 


AIMS’s approach is similar to a “global boutique“, supported by a network of 50 partners throughout the world, including 13 in Western Europe alone, and a French-speaking shield built around 4 countries forming ” Plateforme France ” (SwitzerlandBelgiumFrance and Morocco).AIMS International has 9 global practice groups, including the Industrial group, led by Grégoire Depeursinge, Managing Partner Switzerland and France. This group comprises approximately 20 consultants. Its purpose is to promote in-depth knowledge of our client’s needs, make our recruitment processes more efficient, and share intelligence and understanding of the rapid evolution of needs.


The Industry group is now being strengthened by the creation of a “Defence and Security Industry” sub-group led from France by Nicolas J. Rogier, Managing Partner France, whose mission is to engage in a dialogue with the sector’s industrialists (large groups, SMEs and SMIs) on issues related to recruitment and talent management and to offer them the best possible level of service in order to promote their development within their national and international markets.


The current geopolitical context in Europe also in other regions of the world, the strong orientations around a reinforcement of cooperation (in particular the major stakes around the development of a European defence, climate change and the energy crisis) are leading our industrial companies – whether they address all or part of their activities and capacities to markets linked to defence and security – to project themselves into scenarios in which the best managerial skills are one of the essential keys to their success, and this within the constrained realities that AIMS has perfectly mastered over the past 30 years and by following processes that guarantee the highest level of confidentiality


The Defence and Security Industry group is formed by a dozen senior consultants and AIMS partners who have an in-depth knowledge of this field of activity and a strong appetite for the issues associated with it.



About the author

Nicolas J.ROGIER

Managing Partner

Practice Member – Industrial

AIMS International France