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My Dearest Emotions (part one)

My Dearest Emotions (part one) , 21 december 2020, 11:24 / Publications

It is high time to focus on Emotional Intelligence (EI). It would be a serious mistake to set it aside in favour of other necessities, as it encompasses a series of skills that are essential for leaders who have to manage teams both onsite and remotely. In this article, we will try to restore it to its rightful place.

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Working from home or living at work?

Working from home or living at work? , 07 december 2020, 12:20 / Publications

As of late, this phrase has become increasingly popular. The idea of working from home has gained popularity in the last few years and has of course been gaining traction this year due to the global pandemic. We have heard a lot of positives about working from home, the time we save on travel, lowering global fuel consumption as fewer people commute, the list goes on…What has not been discussed with as much enthusiasm are the negative aspects of working from home and how to combat them.

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Our Unconscious Biases – Demons or Saviors

Our Unconscious Biases – Demons or Saviors , 27 november 2020, 15:10 / Publications

Imagine that our minds are wired to function like most people walk through snow in heavy winter. If someone has beaten the first path from one end of a large space to the other, the likelihood is that the second person will follow these footsteps to save energy and reach his or her destination. It is true that sometimes the destination might be further away or that there is a shorter road – who cares, someone else did part of the job, why make a new path. Then a third person follows what is by now an almost well-established routine. And then it becomes a no-brainer for the fourth, fifth, etc.

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