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“Network Around the Globe Meeting” hosted by The Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ)

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The networking event attracted service providers to international manufacturers including law firms, accountants, bankers, schools, investors and also members of a variety of governmental organisations from not only the State of New Jersey, but also from other countries including the Philippines, Mexico and Israel. It was an excellent opportunity to meet many individuals involved in a wide range of disciplines relevant to international trade, an extremely effective alternative to using phone and email.

From AIMS International, US Partner Richard Schnaittacher attended this international networking meeting supporting the network in its global outlooking efforts.

CIANJ also sponsored a recent meeting with the Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing (yes, this was before the coronavirus became public). This meeting was geared towards current and would-be exporters and also afforded participants an opportunity to have brief face-to-face meetings with potential clients.

CIANJ was originally founded in 1927 as the Bergen County Chamber of Commerce with the goal of being an advocate for business and free enterprise. It was renamed the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey in 1983 to recognise its expansion into state-wide business advocacy.

The advocacy takes several forms.  Its Commerce magazine created in 1965 helped the organisation to reach senior level executives throughout New Jersey.  They created the Foundation for Free Enterprise in 1975 to provide educational programs to elementary and secondary school students.  The Private Enterprise Political Action Committee was created in 1979 to create support for supportive candidates in the New Jersey legislature.

Richard Schnaittacher recently joined AIMS International US as part of the organisation’s US expansion initiative to Find and Grow business leaders on all continents.

If you want to connect with Richard, you can do so via this link.


Written by Richard Schnaittacher, Partner AIMS International US and the AIMS International Marketing Team