AIMS International APAC Meeting in Vietnam: Exploring business opportunities and cultural exchange

06 december 2023, 11:26    Publications 0    0 0

The APAC Meeting in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was a successful event that provided valuable insight through meaningful conversations with colleagues from around the region. Our Vietnamese hosts welcomed us and introduced us to the country’s culture, providing informative presentations on demographics as well as key growth sectors.

Dimitris Kleftakis, AIMS International President, introduced AIMS’ Global Strategic Framework, giving an overview of how it is being implemented across all regions. Jonathan Khoo from AIMS International Singapore led a lively and open conversation on strategy planning for APAC, resulting in a set of actionable plans to be executed across the region.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, the group discussed cross border business and how to do more within and across the region, including specific challenges and areas for improvement within each country.

The last day of the APAC Meeting featured engaging presentations and exciting discussions. Cecilia, EVP Americas and Global Marketing Head, shared the global marketing framework and the progress made, including the marketing partners involved and the roles of the internal marketing team. Enrico from AIMS International Vietnam shared his Pilot Assessment and Selection service, which has propelled his business in the aviation industry. 

One of the highlights of the day was a session by our guest speaker and client, Marcello Piazza, Managing Director at Jas Forwarding Worldwide Vietnam, who presented the company’s global business and impressive growth in Vietnam. Son Nguyen, the Country Manager from Swedish bag manufacturer Solent, shared his experience as a local hired by a major foreign-owned company and the company’s growth plans in Vietnam.

The event closed with Jonathan summarizing all the key areas that were discussed and the follow-up actions to be taken. The event was made memorable thanks to the warm reception of the hosts, the partners, consultants, and all attendees. It was a wonderful display of diversity within the AIMS International Family.