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Strategic expansion in France reinforces European presence of AIMS International

22 march 2022, 13:43    Publications 0    0 0

Pooling French-language resources for greater efficiency and superior service

Today, French companies are facing a major challenge of internationalisation, which requires them to attract, recruit and develop the best talents. Faced with global competition, their daily lives require them to constantly adapt and reorient their strategies in complex and changing environments for which only the mastery of extremely varied skills guarantees their success.   

Front and back office functions.

AIMS International has been present in France since 1995. The recently established French partnership with managing partner Nicolas Rogier at the forefront, is now expanding, with support in this regard coming from countries that share the language: SwitzerlandBelgium and Morocco, who will contribute resources to a common pool.

The pooling of the front office, made up of expert and complementary consultants, and a robust back office, equipped with solid tools and working according to a solid, common and proven process, makes it possible to offer client companies an unequalled capacity to support them and to offer the AIMS International network a high level of operational excellence.

International support.

Finally, the strength of the organisation lies in its ability to build bridges from French, with a perfect command of 10 additional languages, plus others, which allows it to recruit or assess French-speaking talent and also to support French companies internationally by being able to source candidates from all over the world.

“France represents approximately 1/8 of the European population and it is the least dense and the largest country in Europe. It is the first tourist destination in the world and in terms of economic power, France is the worlds 7th largest economy and critical for the adequate balance of the European economy. In such an important country, it is vital for us to have a strong partner in France.  I am pleased to welcome Nicolas and his team. They perfectly fit the AMIS International philosophy of providing excellence and first class services.”  – Bernardo Entschev, President of AIMS International 

We invite you, our valued reader, to visit the AIMS France page for more information and to learn about our team and service offerings.


Nicolas Rogier, Managing Partner AIMS France