Мы верим в важность знания рынка, но ещё больше верим в ценность хороших, доверительных отношений с его участниками

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Special Announcement about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Special Announcement about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) , 10 марта 2020, 13:47 / Публикации

At AIMS International we are very aware of the possible impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on our people, businesses and organisations. We take our responsibility to monitor the situation and deal with all eventualities in a conscientious manner, very seriously. So many countries are now affected and so many people are sick and unfortunately also a big number of patients have lost their lives. This is a global health crisis.

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Best performing CEO’s 2019

Best performing CEO’s 2019 , 27 февраля 2020, 12:05 / Публикации

The December 2019 edition of the Harvard Business Journal published the annual list of the Top 100 best performing CEOs.

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Local partnerships with a global outlook

Local partnerships with a global outlook , 20 февраля 2020, 12:39 / Публикации

The networking event attracted service providers to international manufacturers including law firms, accountants, bankers, schools, investors and also members of a variety of governmental organisations from not only the State of New Jersey, but also from other countries including the Philippines, Mexico and Israel. It was an excellent opportunity to meet many individuals involved in a wide range of disciplines relevant to international trade, an extremely effective alternative to using phone and email.

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