You can have the best assets, policies and procedures in the World, but if there is no team to make them work in the right way, they will be useless.


About us


MidlandHunt is focused exclusively on recruitment for high-level and middle management roles. Our leading consultants each have over 12 years of experience working with Russian and multinational organizations. Clients can feel confident that MidlandHunt is skilled in staffing solutions for this select and selective business sector.

As a full-service agency, we recognize and value the qualities needed to excel in high-level positions. MidlandHunt employs a strict policy of vetting candidates before introduction to clients. This process ensures selection of exceptionally qualified professionals who have excelled — and will continue to do so — in their respective fields. MidlandHunt also employs bespoke methods allowing us to work with clients on an individual basis so that needs are satisfied and desired criteria is met for any project. For example, our consultants collaborate with clients and present project teams that are tailored to industry specific requirements.

MidlandHunt takes its role as a member of select group, International Network of Executive Search Associated Consultants, seriously.

To continue our prestigious relationship with AIMS, we maintain only the highest standards of practice.

MidlandHunt always provides referrals to demonstrate our stellar track record in Russia, Ukraine and CIS. As recruiters, we actively reach out to top-tier talent to maintain our impressive networking database. Finally, our philosophy is to nurture relationships with our talent and client community.


  • our leading consultants have over 15 years experience of successfully closed projects for Russian and multinational companies. We use referrals in our work. We establish contact with people who are not in active job search. We believe in the importance of market knowledge but we also believe in value of good and trust-based relationships with it’s participants;
  • successful track record of projects closed in Russia, Ukraine and CIS;
  • long-term cooperation with most clients — over 70% of them return to us with more business;
  • due to deep understanding of organizational structure and corporate culture of our clients and excellent knowledge of key managers in all industry sectors, execution time of the projects can be significantly reduced — up to 3-4 weeks after signing the contract;
  • industrial and functional specialization;
  • permanent control over quality of services and personal involvement of company management in project execution.


MidlandHunt specializes in management recruitment for the following industries:

  • industry;
  • banking / finance;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • insurance;
  • FMCG / retail;
  • media, telecom, IT;
  • construction and development.