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Timeframe for top-manager search is four to twelve weeks after signing of the contract.

Thanks to our exceptional understanding of organizational structure and corporate culture of our clients and excellent knowledge of key managers in all industry sectors, execution time of the projects can be significantly reduced — up to 3-4 weeks after signing the contract.


If the manager is fired 6 months after starting, we replace the person for no additional fee. For middle-management positions guarantee period is 3 months.


Standard fee for top-manager search is 30% of candidate’s base gross annual salary.

In case of search on CIS territory the payment will be split into three parts — 1/3 of the fee after signing the contract, 1/3 — 30 days after the search started and long-list presented, 1/3 — after the candidate signs the job offer.

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Our leading consultants have over 15 years experience of successfully closed projects for Russian and multinational companies
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Managing Director
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Director, Partner
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